Hunter – Tarmac Aysha


Tarmac Aysha


Hunter unfortunatley had to have a c section to deliver her last litter of one kitten. It will be sad to see Hunter leave our cattery but best for her to retire from breeding.

Hunter is one of our adored breeding bengals. We have decided to desex & offer Hunt to a carefully selected pet home.

She will love cuddling up on the end of someones bed, lots of pats especially on her head. She will keep bunt for more pats.

Hunter  is very affectionate & smoochy once she is confident with you & her environment but is a vert timid, shy, sensitive cat.

Hunter would require an only pet household where she will get all the attention. We do not have dogs here & they would stress her out. Hunter gets on well with our cats here at the cattery but because of her age & cats can be quite territorial would not recommend introducing her to another cat.

All our cats are sold to indoor only homes. We do not let any of our cats outdoors to ‘free roam’. They are not use to it & it would be simply cruel to have her outside & put Hunter in that situation.

Hunter currently uses Breeders Choice kitty litter.

Hunter has free access to Royal Canin Kibble & water. Treats of BBQ chicken, human mince, steak, prawns & fish as treats.

DOB 26.01.2014.

Hunters price includes currevt Vaccination, Desexed, Microchipped, intestinal wormed, flea treated & copy of Pedigree.

When Hunter leaves our cattery she MUST be in a cat suitable carry box made of plastic &/or metal. NO cardboard or collapsable boxes are suitable. You will require it for veterinary visits in the future & keep Hunter & you safe whilst traveling in the car.



Sire: Beunisimo Sulten (Jagsun Aces Wild x Jagsun Shakira’s Gold)

Dam: Tarmac Lostmy marbles (Elitecats Sherlock x Tarmac Queen Eliza)

Colour and Pattern

Brown Spotted

No colour test

Health Testing

FIV & Felv: Negative

Prophylactic Care

Vaccinated (CURRENT): Fel – o – Vax 4 (Every 3 years).

Administered(F4) 07.10.16      Due 07.10.17

Intestinal Wormed (CURRENT): Drontal (Every 12 weeks).

Administered 01.02.17           Due 01.05.17

Flea Prevention (CURRENT):Revolution  (Monthly)

Administered 01.02.17        Due 01.03.17

Hunter has a litter on one on Boxing Day 2016.

Dam                                        Sire

Hunter – Tarmac Aysha