Feline Shopping List before Purchase



Feline Shopping List


You can purchase from


On line

Veterinary Hospital

Pet Shop


Transport & restraint

Cat carry cage medium size (remember your kitten will grow in to a big cat)

Rabbit harness & lead (for when your kitten is small)

Cat Harness & lead (for when your cats out grows the kitten harness)

Prophylactic Care

Worming Tablets (Drontal or Milbermax)

Flea Treatment (Revolution or Advocate)


Nail clippers

Flea comb

Furminator small for short haired


2 x large heavy ceramic water bowls

2 x small bowls for food.



Cat bed

Window napper


Fresh Cat grass (From Bunnings or nursery)

Fresh Cat mint (From Bunnings or nursery)

Fresh Cat nip (From Bunnings or nursery)

Kongs make a great range of toys

Large scratching post that the cat can climb, sit & scratch on

Litter & litter tray

Breeders Choice Recycled newspaper pellet

Large open litter tray



Royal Canin Kibble Growth (Veterinary line) or Kitten (Pet Shop Line)

Additional useful items

Feliway diffuser to help your kitten settle in.

Veterinary Hospital

Select a Veterinary Hospital that you will be taking your kitten to.

Call up & register the kitten on your file for future appointments.

Pet Insurance

Phone around & look in to Pet Insurance