Cloud – Gucci Cloud Nine

‘Cloud ‘

Gucci Cloud Nine

*** Available as a desexed pet ***



Unfortunately with deep regret however, out of our control, Gucci Cloud Nine has not worked out as a breeding queen as she has a congenital condition lacking mammary glands. This means that Gucci Cloud Nine does not produce colostrum or milk to feed her kittens. This could be passed on to her progeny also.

Cloud would suit a indoor only home with one or two adults. Cloud would not cope in a busy house hold with children or dogs. Ideally only cat/pet home.

Cloud has a lovely pale white background on her sides with really big even intermingling of two toned rosettes, as Cloud has matured she has developed tarnish & ticking. Cloud has the tightest, shortest,  silky soft pelt I have ever felt on a bengal. If that isn’t enough she is dripping all over with glitter. She just sparkles in the sunlight. Cloud can be a little timid.  Cloud is a highly active cat.


Sire: Warpaint Rock Idol (NZ CH Prowlers Rock Star IMP NZ X Azanabengals Kool Chick IMP CAN)

Dam: Awzmbengalz Blizzard (Uniquespots Wild Jaguar x Tijah Black Ice)

Colour and Pattern

Silver rosetted

Colour Testing: Pending

Health Testing

Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA – b):Pending

Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Deficiency) in felines: Pending

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) – Ultrasound by a Cardiologist: Pending

FIV & Felv: Negative

Prophylactic Care

Vaccinated (CURRENT): Fel – o – Vax 4 (Every 3 years).

Administered(F4) 07.10.16      Due 07.10.17

Intestinal Wormed (CURRENT): Drontal (Every 12 weeks).

Administered 07.10.16           Due 07.01.17

Flea Prevention (CURRENT): Comfortis (Monthly)

Administered 07.11.16        Due 07.12.16



Sire & Dam of litter below

Sire : Howie                                                                 Dam : Cloud