Howie – Tijah Lord Howe


Tijah Lord Howe


***First litter due December 2016***


Well this boy has the WOW FACTOR!!!!

Howie has the most amazing temperament. He is great with the children, comes to work with me in a classroom of up to 30 people on his harness, visited Gran in the nursing home & has an agent managing his modelling/acting career.

He does some basic training like a dog (jumping up & through hoops on command). Anyone who meets this guy is in awe of his charm. Howie posses some fantastic attributes that will improve our breeding program. Howie has a beautiful pale butter background, tan rosettes bordered by inky black outline. The contrast is incredible.

His rosettes are organic shaped, unusual leopard pattern that is clear coated with very minimal ticking.  One even looking a bit like Mickey Mouse. Howie is dripping with Glitter which is extremely desirable with in the breed. He has a small wild head, Broad whisker pads with a strong chin with plenty of vertical depth & round tipped ears.


Sire: Annoub Painted Jaguar (Destiny Bengals Phoenix IMP USA x Palmbeachbengal Topaz USA)

Dam: Tijah Aweof Amazon (Tijah Sun Catcher x Atrattack Zulu)

Colour and Pattern

Brown Rosetted

Colour Testing: Pending

Health Testing

Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA – b): Pending

Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Deficiency) in felines: Pending

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) – Ultrasound by a Cardiologist: Pending

FIV & Felv: Negative

Prophylactic Care

Vaccinated (CURRENT): Fel – o – Vax 4 (Every 3 years).

Administered(F4) 07.10.16      Due 07.10.17

Intestinal Wormed (CURRENT): Drontal (Every 12 weeks).

Administered 07.10.16           Due 07.01.17

Flea Prevention (CURRENT): Comfortis (Monthly)

Administered 07.11.16        Due 07.12.16

We are currently trailing ‘Seresto’ collars on our breeding adult cats.