Aziz Designated Survivor

‘Aziz Designated Survivor’






Sire: Tijah Lord Howe

(Annoub Painted Jaguar X Tijah Awe of Amazon)

Dam: Gucci Cloud Nine

(Warpaint Rock Idol X Awzmbebgalz Blizzard)



Titten is a super special sentimental little package here at Aziz Bengal Cattery. Titten has unfortunately had a rough start to life as her dam ‘GUCCI Cloud Nine’ has a congenital condition, lacking mammary glands form a & does not produce any colostrum or milk to feed her kittens. Titten was one of four in the litter & because they didn’t receive any colostrum from Gucci Cloud Nine they demised one by one. This is the sad & stressful side of breeding. This is the first time in our breeding career that we have encountered this issue with Burmese or bengals. Titten sadly was the only survivor. We hand fed the kittens every two hours round the clock until they were 2.5 weeks old stretching out to every 3 hours until they were 4 weeks old then every 4 hours till weaning at 6 weeks old. It was a long sleepless 6 weeks & disappointing to only have one survivor.


Titten has lovely horizontal flow of paw print rosettes, lovely clear acreage. She has large round paws. Long thick tail. Titten is blessed with a white tummy & lots of spotting on her underbelly. Those attributes are extremely desirable. The best features is her wild expression, wide nose & large nocturnal eyes. We look forward to seeing what Titten contributes to our breeding program. Crossing our fingers & toes that Titten doesn’t carry the congenital defect like her dam Gucci Cloud Nine. We are hoping Titten has normal mammary gland development.


Titten also assists Certificate IV Veterinary Nurses & Certificate II Animal Care students in refining their feline handling & restraint techniques to have their skills established & ready to work in industry. Titten is very entertaining & lightens the class room environment with her bold confident nature.