About Aziz Bengal Cattery

About Aziz Bengal Cattery

Hello & welcome to Aziz Bengal Cattery. We pride ourselves on being a small quaint Bengal Cattery with a focus on quality, not quantity.

Cattery Location

We are located in New South Wales, Australia. Our cattery is situated in the beautiful Hunter Valley. The Hunter Valley is known for its boutique vineyards & gourmet restaurants, live concerts, lovely historic buildings & heritage.

Our cattery is conveniently situated 10 minutes from the end of the F1 at Thornton & the Newcastle & Hunter Link Road (take the Buchanan exit). This makes it an easy central position for clients located in the Upper Hunter, Lower Hunter, Central Coast, Sydney & North Coast regions. We are more than happy to ship cats nationally & internationally world wide.

About the people involved in running the cattery


After always owning a variety of species as pets Clare went on to study Animals Care, Veterinary Nursing, Microchipping, Business Management & Training & Assessing then went on to be a teacher of these qualifications. Clare has worked in many areas of the Pet Care Industry for over two decades from, Pet Shops, Veterinary Nurse, Emergency & Critical Care Nurse, Grooming, Boarding, Showing Animals, Training & more recently in the modelling, film industry with the cats on set which is quite interesting & challenging. With my Veterinary background I take the animal welfare, husbandry & genetic/disease screening very seriously to ensure we produce the healthiest kittens possible within our control.

The kids

Participate in Cub Scouts & Scouts. They have both done their pet badges.
Both children help with the handling & socialising of the kittens & exercising the adult cats.

Cat Shows

We occasionally take our cats & kittens to cat shows. This gives us an opportunity to mingle with other breeders & have our cats assessed by national & international judges to see where our cats are in relation to the breed standard & what other breeders are producing & putting on the show bench. The Bengal is a new breed & constantly developing at a rapid rate so is very important to keep up with the progress.

NSW CFA Bengal Breed Standard


We are Registered Breeders with the New South Wales Cat Fanciers’ Association (NSWCFA) since 2008 (previously breeding Burmese Cats).

Duration Breeding Bengals

We have been breeding Bengals since 2010. Recently Aziz Cattery has had a change in direction with our breeding program. We are currently working with newly imported blood lines from USA, Canada & Home grown Australian bred Bengal Cats.

Shipping World Wide or National

Interstate or International, not a problem. Aziz Cattery is located 40 minutes from Newcastle Airport & 2 hours from Sydney Air Port. Cats or Kittens must be paid for in full before booking any flights. We suggest you contact Dog Tainers Click on link https://www.dogtainers.com.au/ to handle your new additions travel arrangements for a smooth stress free travel. For National flights some owners choose to organise it them selves. Please contact us before booking any flights to ensure available days we can deliver your new addition to Newcastle Air Port.

We have sent some of our beautiful cats to New Zealand & Tasmania to name some destinations. We have had plenty of experience in choreographing travel arrangements.

Animal Welfare

We have our own ‘policies & Procedures’ developed with in Aziz Bengal Cattery to ensure a high standard of care for our cats & kittens in our possession or that we have bred. Some examples are; ALL pet cats leave the cattery desexed, we health & disease screen our breeding stock where practicable & all kittens going to their new home must be in a pet carry cage to mention a few we have implemented. We also use Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) as a guide for routine treatments.
As registered breeders we have a ‘Code of Ethics’ & ‘Constitution’ set out by the NSWCFA that we adhere to.
NSWCFA Constitution

We also breed to the standards outlined in the NSW DPI ‘Code of Practice – Breeding Cats & Dogs’.

We also comply with the other relevant ‘Acts’ The Companion Animal Act, The Veterinary Surgeons Act, Animal Research Act & Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act etc that mainly apply to what we do.

All our cats have been behaviour assessed as they love to go to work. Aziz Cattery cats are used as teaching aids for Animal Care & Veterinary Nurses Students to learn how to Behaviour assess, handle, restrain, groom cats. This is a great way for the cats to have a run, get lots of pats,  encourage the students to learn more about cats & their husbandry.

Cattery Visits

We welcome cattery visit. This is carried out by appointment only. This is a service designed for clients wishing to purchase a kitten or decide if a Bengal is right pet for them. We book the visits for a 30 minute time slot at any one time so that we can respect & consider the kittens welfare. Kittens, like human babies spend a lot of time sleeping as growing requires a lot of energy.


For security reasons, we request that any adults visiting the cattery bring along photo id (Drivers Licence or Passport) as we keep a register of anyone attending the premises.
We do have recording video surveillance cameras on site also.

Cattery Design

We have recently under gone renovations & have a purpose built cattery now from the April Super Storm back in 2015. To say It has been a long rough road is an understatement but the end is in sight. We are still currently under construction. We have designed the cattery to simulate a home lounge room environment. Lets face it, it is most cats favourite room in the house.

Some features are;
• Double glazed doors & window for better thermo-regulation, environmentally friendly & keeps noise to a minimum indoors (from the cats) & out.
• Two large glass doors so the cats can look out over the yard.
• Under floor heating for those freezing cold winter nights especially when it is snowing on Barrington Tops. The cats absolutely love baking on the floor & a very economical way of heating.
• A beautiful cast iron fireplace imported all the way from Norway just to keep the cats snug & content in the cold winter months to bask in front of.
• In the works is a InvisiGuard out door enclosure. This keeps the cats safe & secure but keeps the flys & mosquitos out but allow fresh air in to the cattery. This reduced disease.
• TV &/or Radio to keep the cats content& feel like they are in a home environment when we are out at work.
• Tiled flooring with natural stone.
• There are plenty of toys for environmental enrichment & exercise.
• Fresh Cat Nip, Cat Grass & Cat Mint

If you like what you have read & would like to keep in touch please go to our ‘Aziz Cattery’ & ‘Aziz Pet Care at Home’ facebook pages. Click the ‘like’ button We tend to post updates of litters born, kittens available, cat shows etc

If you would like to fill in an expression of interest for a kitten form & we can contact you directly before we advertise the kittens available on our page.

After adoption service

We give our clients who have purchased a cat from us priority with boarding provided by Aziz Pet Care at Home. For locals with in a 20km distance we can either house sit or you cats can come back to the cattery to stay for a holiday while your out & about enjoying yourself knowing that they are in a familiar place.

For our other clients that travel further.

If you have any concerns about anything to do with your pet, health care etc please don’t hesitate to call us for a chat.

For more information on available kittens

More info

Please call us & we can have a chat. At that time We are happy to answer any other questions you may have or point you in the right direction.